Cruz basketball In Schools

Our basketball clubs in schools are centred in helping children learn the basics of the sport and have fun doing so.

Cruz Basketball Academy would like to offer our new project to your school Child Development Mentors (CDM). CDM focus on improving children's physical and mental health, through social, thinking, emotional and physical learning through an intensive basketball programme delivered by motivated and inspirational coaches. 

Cruz Basketball in Schools aim to increase social, thinking, emotional and physical skills for kids across London through an intensive basketball programme delivered by motivated and inspirational coaches

Social Skills:

  • Interaction- Effective communicate and interact with others

  • Cooperation- The ability to work with others

  • Empathy- The ability to understand and share the feelings of others

  • Leadership- The ability to inspire and convince others

Thinking Skills:

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making- Ability to solve issue quickly and effectively

  • Reflection & Evaluation- Ability to express your feelings and thoughts

  • Open-mindedness- Ability to be thoughtful of others feelings or beliefs

Emotional Skills:

  • Self-Control

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • Pride of Accomplishment

Physical Skills:

  • Strength, Coordination and Agility

  • Basketball skill

  • Endurance & Cardiovascular Fitness

These specific skills with be tested using different methods such as, participant’s questionnaires, coach observation survey, case studies and beep/Yo-Yo test.

The difference we make:

We believe it is not the lack of ability that holds young people back from success, but a lack of opportunity. Often where a person grows up can have a significant impact on his or her personal development and future life chances.

To help level the playing field, we use sports coaching and mentoring to support young people from across London to grow and learn and the impact of this has been clear since 20015 – more young people engaging in positive, healthy and productive activities during key times when they may be most at-risk. We truly believe right now is the time for us to really invest in young people health and mental wellbeing.

  • Our coaches delivered around 500 hours of coaching with young people 2018-19

  • In 2018-19, our coaches coached 350 participants in schools and community clubs across North London

  • During year 2019-2020, we were able to deliver 350 hours of coaching and coached 300 young people in schools and community clubs. We were able to have a positive impact during Covid-19 pandemic lockdown crisis. This shows us that, has we exit this pandemic. Our programme will be vital for young people to rebuild their social, thinking, emotional, physical skills and most important their mental wellbeing.

Before School Basketball Club

Breakfast Clubs – For the most dedicated individuals

Basketball Net

Lunch-Time Basketball Club 

Lunch Clubs- Open sessions all participants

After School Basketball Club

After School Clubs – 2/3 a week: Beginners, Intermediate and Advance level

Basketball Game